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In this game you control a spaceship and try to survive what space has to offer while trying to reach the planet and gather score + upgrade points along the way.

Time Rewards

  • When you are playing the time rewards adds up and every time it fills up, it rewards you with upgrade points.
    • ex. Play for 5 minutes, get 5 upgrade points.
  • The time reward is also taken into account when adding score.
    • Meaning: The longer you survive, the better the rewards.
    • It's shown in the score bar as the multiplier x1.5 for example.
      • Means that the score you gain is multiplied by 1.5 before adding it to the score.

Upgrade System

You gain upgrade points 2 ways:

  • Destroy asteroids and alien spaceships.
  • Reach the planet or die to convert score into upgrade points.
    • For every 100 score you gain 5 upgrade points.
    • You gain score by destroying asteroids and alien spaceships.

There are upgrades for new engines and weaponry, they are added to the ship visually too, and upgrades for thrusters, weapon damage, shield power and weapon fire rate.

Power UPS

  • 3 different powers to collect.
    • 1: Ship acceleration speed doubled for 30 seconds (max 60 seconds).
    • 2: Ship turret/missile damage doubled for 30 seconds (max 60 seconds).
    • 3: Ship shield doubled for 30 seconds (max 60 seconds). 
  • You can either shoot them to collect, or fly into them and take 5 damage while collecting.


Statistics are kept from distance traveled and highest score you have reached and you can see them from the main menu's statistics menu.

Saving / Loading

Saving is automatic and in case of suddenly closing the game, you should only lose the score you have gathered so far, those won't give you upgrade points, but the upgrade points you have gained otherwise from loot and time rewards, those you get to keep.

Obstacles / Enemies

Big Asteroid

  • Has 250 Health.
  • Gets split into 2 mediocre asteroids when destroyed.
  • 100% chance to drop upgrade point.
  • Adds 10 score + Time Reward.
  • You need to upgrade your ship a lot in order to destroy this.

Mediocre Asteroid

  • Has 100 Health.
  • Gets split into 4 small asteroids when destroyed.
  • 50% chance to drop upgrade point.
  • Adds 5 score+ Time Reward.
  • You need to upgrade your ship in order to destroy this.

Small Asteroid

  • Has 5 Health.
  • 25% chance to drop upgrade point.
  • Adds 1 score + Time Reward.
  • Easy targets to destroy at the beginning.

 Alien Spaceship

  • Has 1000 Health.
  • Avoiding it would be advised.
  • Attempt to destroy only when your ship is stronger.
  • 100% chance to drop 10 upgrade points.
  • Adds 100 score + Time Reward.


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