Soul Realm King created a clone from himself and that's you. He then sends you to collect souls for him so he can escape from the prison. Are you ready to do his bidding or will you discover something else on your journey

There are 3 possible endings.
False Bad Ending - Good Ending - True Bad Ending

Backbag (Mouse Left Click) = Contains journal that shows quests and items if you obtain some. 

WASD is for movement.
1-4 is for skills.

Combo system
You have skills shown at the right lower corner that shows what key to press and how much it costs to use. You also have stamina bar that shows you how much stamina you have.

When you learn your second skill, you can perform a combo attack. Combo attack required you to use the same amount of stamina that you currently have as max.
Above stamina bar, combo bar is shown that tells you how many skills you need to perform in order to complete the combo.

You can't perform same skills in a row, if you do the combo fails.

Example: You have 5 stamina max and combo required 3 skills to use, then you need to do skills 2, 1, 2 = 5.

Enemies can be attacked by just running into them, combat will end if you move and enemies recovers their health back.

You gain souls and weapon energy from kills.

Enough weapon energy gives you weapon stages.

Weapon stages makes your weapon stronger and lets you learn new skills and traits for the weapon.

Development log


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I'm currently working on a remastered version of this game to be a more like Metroidvania style 2D game. It's still in early development so I don't have much to show other than this video footage so far.

I'll try to create some sort of demo later on and make the game page for it as well so something to look forward to, meanwhile you can try out my other games :)